An ingenious deflection control principle forms the heart of HARISH INDOFLEX dye padder. It allows modulation of expression pattern to achieve desired pick-up. The INDOFLEX padder is a dyeing and impregnating machine for use in:

a) Dyeing process such as pad-dry, and pad steam.
b) Pad roll-bleaching & special finishing processes applications in tandem with

The stainless steel cladded inner frame facilitates easy cleaning and long service life.
  • Apt design for dyeing of all kinds of fabric - woven, knits with different
     configuration Fabric with differential selvedges dyed without limitation
  • No center - selvedge variation Reproducibility of all dye-stufF
  • Uniform liquor application from beginning to the end of batch No cambering
     of nip rollers
  • Selective roller composition for long life of rollers Minimum maintenance   
  • Effective washing of trough, rollers
  • Low setting time Uniform squeezing of wide as well as narrow fabric
  • Users friendly operation