Ideal choice for uniform dyeing.
Flexible construction of Indoflex roll permits selective pressure application and even pressure distribution across the width of the fabric is made possible. In case of special dye effect, it is possible to apply differential pressure.

The INDOFLEX principle offers a decisive advantage over other design the steel core of the rollers are absolutely wear-free as they have no moving parts. Even after many years of use, the bend lines of the two rollers still squeeze together in accordance with the original roller calculations.

Different fabric guiding systems are offered for woven and knitted fabric. For woven fabric with bow expander roller and for knitted fabric with scroll expander rollers before the trough and squeeze rollers.
Different trough shapes with low liquor content are available for various applications. The trough is tilted for easy cleaning and full access to the trough guide rollers, which sit on one another.

The rollers can be spaced to avoid crushing of delicate and sensitive fabrics. The padder trough can be 1, 2, or 3 - roller trough depending on the application. The basic immersion functions such as wetting, penetration of the liquor in the fibrous material and displacement of air, fiber swelling and water diffusion can be accomplished in the ideal manner for the individual application and fabric.

A liquor distributor pipe feeds the liquor into the trough. A Level sensor in the trough keeps the liquor level steady with the help of special two component dosing pump