The level is adjustable. An automatic cleaning device makes cleaning faster and more economical. (Optional) The liquor temperature can be regulated as the trough is jacketed. Batching device with contact-less batching system adds safety to the dyeing process and allows drip free winding of fabrics like Rubia INDOFLEX padder is ideal in minimising defects in dyeing caused by:

A) Irregular yarns, flaws in textile fabric manufacture: These can lead to a reduction in fiber or thread density at center or sides of a fabric passage. Low density means empty space with a corresponding ability to pick up more liquor, and thus deeper coloration. This uneven liquor uptake occurs most frequently across the width of the fabric.
It can be compensated for by varying the side-centre-side squeeze pressure.

B) Pretreatment flaws: These can result in divergent absorbency across the width of the material. Low hydrophility means lower dye uptake. This can be compensated for by the targeted reduction of the squeeze pressure.

C) Flaws due to trailing: These are caused by the differing exhaust ability of a dyestuff. The affinity in the nip is therefore an important value in pad processes. For example negative affinity causes the fibre to take up less dye from the liquor. This defect can be compensated for over the length of the batch.