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PADDER COMBINATION: Different types of padders are available for squeezing of the fabric. Various combinations are suggested
viz. 3-bowl inclined, 2-bowl with vertical / horizontal combination to meet the specific requirement of the processor. The nature of fabric, i.e. Cellulosic, Polyester or blends, the type of weave, density of weave determines the type of padder to be selected;
for instancenumber of bowls, diameter, shorehardness of the roller and squeeze pressure to be exerted between rollers.

CONTROL CENTRE: Harish SUPRA-5 DLX iN with Supramatic Control Software can be offered with various levels of automation for recipe management, process parameters control, fabric/web handling, and
aerodynamics for moisture extraction; for instance:

   • Width of fabric in individual chamber
   • Temperature in each chamber
   • Batch details viz. Length, quality,
   • Production speeds
   • Actual fabric temperature
   • Moisture level in exhaust
   • Moisture content on fabric
   • Overfeed / underfeed

International brands of control equipments are supplied with Harish Stenter.