SPECIALLY DESIGNED JET BOXES: Distance between top and bottom nozzles is further reduced in the new SUPRA-5 DLX iN, thus increasing the impact of air on the drying surface, providing better heat transfer, reducing the blower power consumption and achieving higher drying speeds. All the chamber panels of Supra-5 DLX iN are amply insulated with mineral wool to minimize the heat losses. Silicon sealing of doors and blower panels is offered as an option.
Supra-5 DLX iN has floating chambers to take care of lateral and longitudinal expansions of chamber elements at elevated temperatures.

Supra-5 DLX iN is available with heat exchangers suitable for Thermic Fluid or Steam circulation. Direct gas firing arrangement is also offered as option on SUPRA-5 DLX iN - G version. Using dampers in the jet system, air flow on both sides of the fabric can be maintained for uniform drying or varied for special application like coating.

The overall flow of blower fans ensure optimum air velocities of top and bottom jets, so even the lightest knit fabrics can be dried and finished without causing any distortion in the fabric.

ON-LINE FILTER CLEANING: SUPRA-5 DLX iN facilitates easy cleaning of filters during operation. This feature increases the efficiency of thermal exchange with an emphasis on operational safety.