FABRIC CONVEYANCE SYSTEM: The fabric is smoothly conveyed either on Pins, Clips or by combination of Pins/Clips mounted on alloy steel graded chain fitted with Sintered metal shoes or imported synthetic liners. The chain glides on cast iron machined and treated smooth rails. The clips are manufactured from aluminium alloy using Die Casting process. Harish special chain HBC-10 has Ball Bearing in addition to Sintered bronze shoes, to take care of fabrics needing heavy stretch.
No-Lube chain is offered optionally.
CHAIN TRACK WIDTH ADJUSTMENT: The desired width of the chain track is adjusted by means of push button control fitted at Feed and Delivery end of the machine. Auto width Control option is also offered to achieve programmable width control with motorised screws and PLC control. Additional conocity arrangement is provided in machine suitable for processing knitted fabrics.

DELIVERY END COMBINATION: Standard execution of the machine includes jerk free tension regulated plaiting arrangement with low capacity raised batch winder. Various alternatives for delivery end combinations are possible such as:

  • Independent A.C. Motor driven Take-off Roll &

  • Big Batching Device with pneumatic loading

  • Continuous batching system with / without
     accumulator can be provided.