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• Automatic Reversal with preset length of
   fabric remaining on the roll.

• Constant speed at any batch diameter,
   adjustable from 3 m/min to 150 m/min.

• Constant tension at any speed and any
   batch diameter, adjustable from 5kg to 50

• Hydraulic drive ensures gradual start and
  gradual stop, avoids undue tension and jerk.

• Pendulation mode during longer stoppage
   avoids unbalancing of batch.

• Automatic Dosing of Chemicals at end
  reversal in proportionate, progressive or
  regressive mode / or time proportionate

• Liquor circulation by Pump through filter
   having large area ensures trouble free

• Suitable for dyeing with Reactive, Vat,
  Sulfur or similar dye-stuff.

• Automatic water fill through flow sensor or
   level control system.
• Automatic drain

• Overflow rinsing

• PLC incorporates diagnostic for fault finding, data
   logging of important features and storing and
   retrieving 50 or more programmes.

• Inverter Drive for Hydraulic Pump saves power upto

• Single point supply for water, steam and Electric
   power enables quick installation.

• Separate water fill line for hot and cold water, 2 drain
   lines for separation of effluent, full S.S. construction,
   etc. possible on special request.

• Automatic Temperature Control of bath liquor.

• Indirect heating ensures no dilution of dye bath.

• Closed Construction (Hood) prevents heat loss.

• Hood heating prevents condensation

• Doors on both sides with large glass windows for ease
   of operation. Pneumatic Door opening ensures smooth
   opening and closing.