THE STEAMING FACTORS: The steaming of fabric has to be very uniform and there has to be a thorough circulation in order to avoid big temperature differences between the top and bottom section of the machine. In the Harish Loop steamer, the steam is passed through a special injection system. In case of high temperature steaming live steam enters through a specially provided pipe. As regards saturated steaming a specially designed venturi system ensures

a uniform mixture of steam and water. Two sets of ducting and blowers are provided on either side of the machine. The moist steam or high temperature steam, as the case may be, is blown through the conical ducting to the top portion of the machine. A steam distribution duct then spreads the steam over the entire length of the machine.

RADIATORS: Radiators are mounted at the bottom of the machine. In high temperature steaming or in a curing operation, the heating medium passes over the radiators and gets heated. The flow of oil in radiators is regulated by means of temperature control accessories to maintain the desired temperature inside the machine.

In the case of cellulosic and viscose fabrics it is important to maintain constant humidity inside the machine.

The reason: As fabric enters the machine moisture is rapidly absorbed by the fabric which is hygroscopic.