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MAINTAINING HUMIDITY LEVELS: In order to maintain the desired steam saturation inside the steamer compartment steam has to be additionally moistened or saturated with a fine mist of water. This is done by providing a reciprocating type pressure pump which forces optimum quantity of water through the nozzles.

This mist is introduced into the steam ducting provided on either side of the machine. Baffle plates prevent any droplets of water from entering into the steamer compartment.

The chain is driven by a main drive motor by means of sprocket wheels installed on each side of the machine. A chain tensioning mechanism maintains the chain tension. During the steaming operation condensation of steam on the fabric has to be prevented.

The HLS-4 has a built-in roof heating system comprising of indirect heating of the roof with thermal coil. The roof is divided into several elements and each element is heated by a separate Oil / steam heating coil. As the fabric loop approaches the delivery end of the machine it is taken off by positively driven take off roller. In order to avoid any over load of the machine with fabric a compensating system is provided.