The nozzle jets in the drying chamber are arranged in a staggered manner. This helps in
giving a sinuous passage to the fabric. Before the fabric leaves the relax drier, it is optionally subjected o steaming which improves handle of the abric and increases its bulk. Harish Relax Drier can suit different fabric widths in a single or multiple web. The fabric is fed in a tubular form.

It is highly suitable for relaxing of knitted fabrics, for processing of very fine and delicate fabrics as well as shirting, terry towels etc., Harish Relax Drier is available in a wide range of widths from 1.6 mtrs to 3.5 mtrs working width. The processor has a choice of either single pass or multi pass. TTH drier comes into with number of chambers ranging from 2 to 6 chambers.