FRAMES: The body of the machine is fabricated from solid steel flats structure braced with suitable binders and machined herever necessary. The frame houses, main draw roller, blanket tensioning equipment, screen drive, gear boxes, printing heads, glueing and blanket washing equipment.

SCREEN HEADS: Specially designed Screen Heads of Aluminium alloy mounted on sturdy parallel pipe stays are fastened on one side and are slidable on the non drive end to facilitate adaption of different width’s of Rotary Screens.Linear and diagonal setting of individual screen head is achieved via finger tip controls and indication of location is known by the pointer of the calibrated dial.

COLOR FEED PUMPS: Electrically driven reversible color feed pumps are located under the cat-walk, which is extended on both the sides of the printing head. Print paste level in the Rotary Screen is maintained as required by automatic level control system.

SQUEEGEE: Uniform cylindrical squeegee ensures perfect and even printing all over the width. Indigenously designed precision ground magnetic squeegee applies thecorrect pressure. A selection of correct size squeegee enables to print without crushing and with minimum color consumption.Series of electromagnetic coils so arranged underneath the printing blanket that on energizing them an absolutely uniform pull is available.