FEED END: Tension controlled entry of fabric over the printing blanket is ensured with positive unwinding device driven by A.C. Drive. nwinding device comprises of steel structure fitted with moving guide rollers and a driven take off roller. A pair of cloth guides appropriately arranged makes it possible to feed the woven goods on a straight path. A suction device removes the loose fluff and lint.
PRINT DRIER: The duly printed fabric leaves the rubber blanket after the last printing station and is transported on the carrier blanket in the specially designed high efficiency two pass drier which ensures
drying of the printing material at the highest speeds.

The speed of the conveyor is synchronized with the speed of the fabric being printed via. separate A.C. motor and speed reducer.
The conveyor is automatically aligned by a special feeler system.

Each chamber of the drier consists of two identical sections with blowers on diagonally opposite ends. Depending on the need, the dryer capacity can be increased by adding extra dryer modules.
DELIVERY END: After the fabric goes through, two or three passes (as the case may be) from the drier it is carried to the plaiter. The plaiter consists of a positively driven draw roller and pendulum rollers for plaiting down the printed fabric. The plaiter is synchronized with the speed of the main printing machine through a compensator.