These are composed of a structural steel frame coated with epoxy resin paint on which following parts are mounted:

a) Ventury canal
b) Filter system
c) Circulation Blower
d) Heating batteries
(as per heating system required)
e) Exhaust Blower

The frame supports the fabric entrance and exit assembly as well as Roller group for loading and unloading the thermo- chamber. The frame is completely covered with insulation panels to increase the thermic efficiency considerably.


This is made of stainless steel AISI 304. The fabric entrance and exit is situated below to keep a controlled amount of fabric in circulation.

The controlled quantity of fabric is forwarded at high speed through a ventilator with adjustable speed, from one chamber through the U-shape channel into the other chamber. Change of direction of the airjet is done automatically by means of a flap system.

Thermo-chamber is illuminated inside and can be observed from outside through sight glass.