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Company Location
Alpha Processing Co. Ltd. Thailand
Kharisma Prints Indonesia
Textile Industry Indonesia
Baksons Textile Industries Ltd. Sri Lanka
Mortazi Knitting & Finishing Inc. Iran
Five Star Industries Ltd. Nigeria
P.T. Oesaha Sandang Indonesia
Diamond Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad
East India Cotton Mfg. Co. Ltd. Faridabad
Mahendra Mills Limited Ahmedabad
Ruby Mills Limited Mumbai
The Raymond Woollen Mills Ltd. Maharashtra
The Arvind Mills Ltd. Naroda
L.B. Textiles Ahmedabad
Jindal (India) Textile Mills Ahmedabad
Alpha Processing Co. Ltd. - Thailand
"We are pleased to inform you that following machines imported from you (Harish) since the year 1987 Harish Pin Clip type Hot Air Stenter, Open width Hydro Extractor Model HIVAC-10 We are satisfied with the working of above mentioned machines in terms of efficiency and performance."
    -General Manager.
Kharisma Prints -Indonesia
"The Rotary Screen Printing machine is working trouble free and with our full satisfaction. The performance of the machine is very efficient and excellent the service is good."
       -Managing Director
Textile Industry -Indonesia
"The Performance of this machine is excellent and gives quality results which is comparable with any best stenter machine manufacturer.
The machine is working trouble free with our full satisfaction.
We have no hesitation in strongly recomending this machine to any genuine buyer."
Baksons Textile Industries Ltd. -Sri Lanka
"Being satisfied with the first machine our obivous choice was for the Harish Rotary Screen Printing Machine of 12 colours"
Mortazi Knitting & Finishing Inc. -Iran
"We have installed one "Harish" make Stenter m/c one Rotary Screen Printing m/c and two Scouring and Bleaching units. The machines are working nicely and are satisfied with the performance."
          -Vice President
Five Star Industries Ltd. -Nigeria
"This is to confirm that one Harish Supra-5 Chamber Pin Type Hot Air Stenter of 180cm working width was put into operation at our works in April 1970.
Our experience with the above assembly till date has been very satisfactory and we find the performance comparable to the popular known international makes."
-Chairman/Managing Director
P.T. Oesaha Sandang -Indonesia
"This is to certify that we have installed and comissioned the above mentioned machine in the year 1991 at our factory.
The performance of this machine is excellent and gives quality results which is comparable with any best stenter machine manufacturer."
          -Mr. Sukiaman
Diamond Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. -Ahmedabad
"We have 4 nos. Harish Hot Air Stenters.
First being more than 20 years old, Second is 15 years old, Third is 2 years old and last one is 1 year old.
Since, we are using Harish Hot Air Stenter, over a generation now and since we have been regularly repeating orders, we dont think, we need to certify these machines."
      -Managing Director
East India Cotton Mfg. Co. Ltd. -Faridabad
"The fabric processed on the various machines supplied by you (Harish Textile Engineers Ltd.) meets the standards of our customers all over the world."
Mahendra Mills Limited -Ahmedabad
"Since last one decade we have purchased from Harish Textile Engineers Ltd: 4 nos. Hot Air Stenter, 2nos. Rotary Screen Printing Machines, 2 nos. Thermic Fluid Heaters, 1 no. Loop Steamer. Placing orders for various machines is a testimony for our confidence in performance and durability of their machines and their service."
     -Executive Director
Ruby Mills Limited -Mumbai
"To place repeat order for various machines in diferent years is ample testimony of our satisfaction and confidence in Harish Textile Engineers Ltd."
     -President (OPRNS)
The Raymond Woollen Mills Ltd.
"We have purchased two nos. Hot Air Stenters from Harish Textile Engineers Ltd in the year 1990-91.
Both the machines are working satisfactorily."
-Deputy Commercial Manager
The Arvind Mills Ltd. -Naroda
"We have been using Harish Hot Air Stenter since more than 3 years. All our prime varities for exports are dried and finished on this machine. We have found satisfactory performance and after sales service. We compliment Harish and hope that they will go on contributing to Textile Industry for years to come."
-Group Chief Executive
L.B. Textiles -Ahmedabad
"We feel proud that we were right in taking decision for Harish Rotary Screen Printing Machine and we have no hesitation to recommend the same to any customer."
Jindal (India) Textile Mills -Ahmedabad
"We have two nos. Stenter from Harish. First machine is more than 14 years old and second is more than 5 years old.
We have practially all known Indian makes of Stenters, but we have found among all Harish,as the best in quality, performance, power and fuel saving".